Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Call the Doctor!

Red States are turning purple all over America... Democrats are on the ascendant while Republicans seem to be in disarray. Whether this will hold true in Tennessee remains to be seen.

For now, we are seeing a flood of nasty press releases from the Tennessee GOP full of unsubstantiated derogatory statements and just plain fabrications, that are then picked up and regurgitated in the national context. Is TN GOP the new source of Republican Bile and malicious fodder for the right wing noise machine?

Apparently so.

And not only that, but TN GOP appears to be proud of its new role. Chairwoman Robin Smith issues a malicious press release that is quickly shown to be full of falsehoods, and the TN GOP state committee gives her a nice pat on the back.

Dems have a good thing going with The Donkey's Mouth, but the most recent post on their actual Democratic Party web page is from...January?

Couple that with the fact that while Democratic National Committee Chairman, Howard Dean, is widely credited for the resurgence of the Democratic Party with his "50 State Strategy", it should be remembered that Dean was publicly ignored during his visits to our state.

Maybe somebody should give the good Doctor a call?



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