Thursday, March 06, 2008

Disappointment...Thy name is Hillary

A thoughtful person can only wonder if the person behind Hillary Clinton's campaign strategy is actually Karl Rove?

Hillary came out slightly ahead in last Tuesday's primaries on the wings of a Rovian style attack on Barack Obama. She accused him of lying about his NAFTA stance on the basis of a leak from the Canadian Prime Minister's Chief of Staff, and guess what? The leak was about Hillary's two faced public persona...Not Obama!
So what happened next was that Hillary went all "Rove" on Obama and accused him of committing the crime that she herself had actually perpetrated, and did it in classic Rovian style by releasing her attack too close to the Primary election for the truth to be found out. We've seen it before and America is worse off because of it. Hillary's ad was a complete fabrication and shame on the Press for not going ballistic on her ...and shame on everyone who voted for her for falling for it.

Hillary attacked Obama on experience, but what exactly do Hillary's credentials look like? She claims her first Lady experience means she can run the country? Nancy Reagan was First Lady and look what kind of job she did when she ran the country, calling her astrologist when it was time for a big decision that Ronnie was too befuddled to be trusted with. (At some point people are going to have to come to grips that there actually WAS NO REAGAN ADMINISTRATION...It was a deck of cards and an open henhouse door)

Look, people. Just because you slept with the president doesn't mean you can do his job. (insert Monica and Jennifer joke here) When that phone call comes at three a.m. We can't afford to have the person answering it making the WRONG decision, just like Hillary did with her vote to allow George W. Bush to go to war in the first place.

Barack Obama has half the experience in the US Senate Hillary has but he's been more than twice as effective in his legislative leadership. Barack is a worker bee's worker bee. I want him to be the next President of the USA, but if he is going to achieve that goal, he has to give up on Hillary Clinton being a decent person when it comes to getting elected. As last Tuesday's primary shows, she will resort to what ever it takes, even if it tears her political party into pieces.

Barack must be ready for the next attack. It should be easy to get ready for it by making a list of the sins Hillary herself has committed. Her sins are what she will attack you for committing.

That's what Karl Rove hs taught her.




  1. Your post inspired the following thought, Steve, which I posted at my place:

    "The time has come to drive a stake through Karl Rove's heart. With the right timing and carefully chosen angle, we can get Hillary at the same time."

  2. Good job, Steve!
    I was just going to write about it (still might and I'll link to you since you posted it first).

    After all these years of telling people what a power hungry, lying, two-faced, hypocrite witch Hillary is, it's nice to finally have some solid proof.

    She was the one playing "wink wink" on NAFTA.


    "Since 75 per cent of Canadian exports go to the U.S., Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton's musings about reopening the North American free-trade pact had caused some concern.

    Mr. Brodie downplayed those concerns.

    "Quite a few people heard it," said one source in the room.

    "He said someone from (Hillary) Clinton's campaign is telling the embassy to take it with a grain of salt. . . That someone called us and told us not to worry."

    Government officials did not deny the conversation took place."