Thursday, October 06, 2005


Things have gotten so bad in the U.S. that we now have to have an amendment to an appropriations bill that says "As a Nation, we shouldn't use torture."

Why didn't we just say that the US will adhere to the Geneva Conventions? I guess that coming from the conservative view point, whereby it is good to beat your own children with rods and put them on leashes for restraint, torturing a few prisoners to death for no real reason seems fine. So who can they torture? Anybody George W, Bush says to!

Feel safer now?

Bush threatened to veto the bill, but it was passed on a 90 to 9 vote.

Who were the Pro-Torture votes?

I mean besides Senator Frist and the two nut jobs from Alaska? Anybody know?

Congress is also doing away with the last vestiges of the Environmental Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act. Can't let things like the public welfare stand in the way of Corporate profits...

Air pollution turns out to be increasing deadly health risks three times more than previously thought. Each increase of 10 micrograms of pollution means an 11% to 17% increase in premature deaths.

But it is OK to kill people if corporations make money. New Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is a big friend to corporate interests. Killing for profit is fine...but what about doctor assisted death?

Forget it! he wants the terminally ill to suffer long and hard before they die. His first actions on the Supreme court have given him away. Why does he care? why does he feel like the government has the right to interfere with your most personal decisions? Why is it, in George Bush's bizarro culture of "life", Ok for a corporation to sicken and cause the premature deaths of millions of Americans, but wrong to ease the dying as a fulfillment of their own desires to stop suffering?

George Bush and all the rest of the nutjob right wingers love torture! They want to see you and your children and your granparents suffer...That's all I can come up with.




  1. We need courage, all right. But we need it in places where courage is hard to find. Places like Washington, D.C., our state capitals and even closer to home.

  2. i dun putt the list of them that bleeves we gut to use tortchur to win harts n minds in yesterdys post:

    tiz a verr shamefull thang!