Monday, October 10, 2005

Firewood Time

I'm starting to realize how sore I'm going to be later on. Son Thomas and I cut split and stacked firewood this weekend and the body is a year older and further deteriorated as a result. Why does it feel good and satisfying to be in certain kinds of pain? The ache of a muscle, underused of late, forced into a long day of toil, can only be described by the old saw, "Hurts so Good!"

Sort of like the pain and suffering generated by the Thai meal I whipped up for the family Saturday night that only I could eat. (Loved the leftovers for Sunday lunch, too!) Spicy food "Burns so Good" I can't wait to have more...Hey...It said "Mild" on the side of the curry paste...How was I to know that the Thai scale of hotness starts at "blistering" and goes all the way up to "cremated" ?


I finished up and went outside, excitedly, to count the number of meals left in the basil patch before the first frost while the wife cooked herself a veggie burger alternate meal. "Sorry, Dear."

It's not quite cool enough yet for the hot tub on winter setting. I realized, too, that I have been neglecting my water quality duties with the bromine tabs, when I saw the number of tree frogs that had moved into the tub. I decided to crawl in amongst them and had a fine old time chasing them around to eject them before I gave the tub a shock treatment. I figure I do enough for the flora and fauna of the world for them to cut me some slack in the tub. Hot, bubbly, and clear! That's my goal...And as it gets cooler outside, I'll push the temperature all the way up to...

"Hurts so good!"

That's the way, uh huh, uh huh, we like it!



Jay Leno:

President Bush’s top advisor Carl Rove testified before the grand jury for the fourth time this week. Maybe Bush should nominate him for Supreme Court. He’s been in more courtrooms then Harriet Miers now.

The Republicans are having their problems. Karl Rove is testifying as I said for the fourth time next week. Tom Delay was indicted for the second time and Bill Frist is being investigated. For a party that hates trial lawyers they sure do hire a lot of them.

Homeland Security officials are now telling people in New York City to be on the look out for men traveling alone and speaking a foreign language. That’s pretty much the Yankees pitching staff. Isn’t it?

Oil is under $60 a barrel and you know what that means for the American consumer? Nothing.

Bush’s number one choice, Harriet Miers issued a statement today saying that she is getting closer and closer to having an opinion on something.

The former FBI Director Louis Freeh has a new book out. He goes after President Clinton, says that Clinton's closets were full of skeletons. Skeletons? So I guess there were some skinny chicks we didn't know about. It wasn't just chubby interns.

(60 minutes aired Freeh's discredited claim as if it were true, by the way...damned Liberal bias!)
Freeh discredited

"First Lady Laura Bush will appear on an upcoming episode of 'Extreme Makeover.' Tom DeLay will be on 'Cops.'" --

'Commander In Chief' over there on ABC was one of the highest rated shows. It's about the first female president of the United States. Or, as Hillary Clinton calls it, a reality show. Or, as Republicans call it, 'Fear Factor.'-

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