Thursday, October 20, 2005

Private, Keep out?

Lying awake listening to whatever beast was snorfling around the woods below the window at 4 am on a just past full moon night, I was wondering about stuff. Not about the beast, really, there's lots of 'em and it's their home too. I figured out not to throw leftovers in the woods and not to put up birdfeeders, so the bears just pass through instead of hanging out and breaking into things, now. The neighbor killed the state record black bear at the request of the wildlife folks because it had learned about garbage and associated people with food. It's the old adage humans have to learn, "A fed bear is a dead bear."

So I was thinking that wasn't a bear but it was making a fair amount of noise so maybe...Whatever it was it kept on going, and I kept on thinking.

"People are soooo stupid!" I was thinking.

Not all of them, but maybe enough for the forces of darkness to have their way. (Pretty serious stuff, I get to thinking in the night, sometimes.)

There's a big rumble about the next Supreme Court Justice and it seems to be centering on whether She will vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade, the decision that removed states' ability to pass laws limiting abortion except under terms sugested by the court. The decision was based not on whether abortion was good or bad, leaving that to those involved. It was based on a women's right to privacy.

There is no "Right to Privacy" in the Constitution. I think there should be. I don't have any business knowing anything about your private life except the things that affect me...and back atcha! Why should I know what you and your significant other like to do in the privacy of your bedroom? I mean as long as both of you agree on the field of play and the rules and nobody gets seriously wounded...What do I care?

Why should any government have the ability to stick its nose into your bedroom, or where ever it is that you like to play? Well as long as it IS in private, that is. You go public, chasing each other around naked in front of my kids, well that's different...and hold the noise down, eh?

That is what the Supreme Court debate is actually about... Privacy!

It ain't ROE V Wade! It's your private life that's at stake.

And check this! The U.S. Government...the one supposedly "of, by, and for" the People...can keep secrets. Corporations...can keep secrets...What the Bush appointees are put on the court to to keep you, YOU PERSONALLY, from being able to keep secrets. Your privacy is at stake. Your financial records, your medical records, and the most private decisions in your life that should be made by you, in consultation with your personal and private doctor...THEY don't think you should have that right.

The right to privacy...may be an elusive myth if George W. Bush has his way. But not to worry...You'll have the state religion to help you come to grips with it.

One Nation, Under Pat Robertson's Personal God...and whatever follows after that doesn't count for anything...because you, as a private individual, don't exist anymore...It's all about Corporations now.

I pledge alliegance to the flag, and to the Corporations for which it stands.

You have no right to privacy. It's over!



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