Tuesday, October 04, 2005


We live in interesting times. It's a curse!..But then, it is also, well, interesting.

Poor Congressman DeLay. Spent his entire career nudged up against that line between merely unethical and completely illegal...Now he's squalling like a brat child that just got his hand slapped for stealing his sister's underwear.

"But she had all that nice frilly underwear, and all I had was those ugly white jockeys," we can imagine Tom sniffling. "I didn't steal 'em, they should have been mine in the first place!" Wahhhh...

And then there's Harriet Miers, President Bush's family consigliore, who has been nominated for promotion to SCOTUS. Sound's dirty, doesn't it? Well some folks wonder about a woman who's 60 and has never been married, and maybe doesn't have any frilly underwear either, Tom.

I don't care, but the FundXtians seem to be in serious moral quandry. that would be two of them, counting Condi Rice, who violate the FundXtian prime directive for women..."Serve your husband!"

I say put them in the category with the old testament concubines and extra wives, so well loved by King David and other godly and deserving representatives of FundXtian virtue.

My problem with the Bush SCOTUS appointees is not their religions or persuasions...it is that they are corporate pimps and prostitutes, maybe not even possessing a higher ethical base than even Tom DeLay. Harriet Meirs headed a law firm that repeatedly had to pay millions in fines for "Aiding Fraud".

Reporter David Sirota writes:

...the 9/20/00 Texas Lawyer reported, Miers' firm helped a now-convicted con man "defraud investors and allowed the firm's [bank] account to be used as a 'conduit.'" The suit said "money from investors that went into the firm's trust account was deposited into [the con man's] bank accounts and was used to pay for his 'expensive toys.'"

Harriet was the head of the Law firm, the leader, the "CEO"...got fined 8 million dollars...and this was just one of several instances where fines, around 25 million dollars, were issued to her firm.


So we have to wonder exactly why Bush has nominated two dedicated servants of Corporations and their deeds, evil or otherwise, to the SCOTUS? Add this little jewel to the stew: Harriet Meirs personally dealt with the morass surrounding the disappearance of George Bush's National Guard records...the ones where he got reprimanded for not showing up and was ordered to serve additional time in the guard or go to Viet Nam.

Ms. Miers has earned a reputation for taking care of "dirty laundry". Got busted several times for it, actually. Why does Bush think she ought to be on the Supreme Court?

Washington insider whisperers are naming Dick Cheney and George Bush directly in the illegal and treasonous release of a CIA agent's name, ruining her career and causing the murder of at least one undercover operative...compromising the security of America...for Political dirt. In the next two weeks, Patrick Fitzgerald will issue indictments that could go all the way up to the Presidency.

Sure would be nice for George to have a friendly juror with a long history of being bought and paid for...Most recently, by him!

Like I said...Interesting times!



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