Saturday, October 08, 2005

You go, Girl!

The most blatant act of corruption yet and what happens? The Democrats don't tuck their tails between their legs and whimper off into the dark.

Nancy Pelosi:

"The fact that the Republicans are handmaidens of the special interests is nothing new. The fact that they would shamelessly display their servitude should come as no surprise. But today's extortion is an especially shameful display - a sad day for democracy. The people spoke and the vote was clearly against this bill.

"How long will the Republican caucus condone this behavior? Until the rank-and-file Members break with the culture of corruption, they are all complicit and they all enable. The American people must object."

Read her speech at the press conference. It is short and to the point. Even Republicans are coming around to the deep deep sickness that has control of their party:

Prairie Weather put me on to this one...Robert Bork, yeah, THAT Robert Bork, has a fairlystraight forward take on the Bush nomination of Harriet Miers:

Former federal judge Robert Bork whose nomination to the Supreme Court the Senate rejected in 1987 described the choice of Miers as "a disaster on every level."
"It's a little late to develop a constitutional philosophy or begin to work it out when you're on the court already," Bork said on "The Situation" on MSNBC. "It's kind of a slap in the face to the conservatives who've been building up a conservative legal movement for the last 20 years."

I don't know whether to feel good or bad about that..I still think there has been absolutely nothing to convince me that the appointment of the Bush Consigliore is nothing more complex than Karl Rove wanting a "Bought Juror" on the Supreme Court pending his indictment and conviction on treason charges.



Charles Pugsly Fincher:


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