Monday, October 24, 2005

Talking Head

Ah, Sunday morning...The first real chill of Autumn in the air, leaves of every color (including, of all things, green?), deer stands popping up on posted land near piles of corn, catalogues appearing in the mail with size 11 camo neglige models, idiot weathermen talking to idiot Florida commisioners standing out in the middle of the world record tying hurricane saying "we're prepared", talking heads on TV saying the Iraq war is going really well, and Tom Delay and Karl Rove are the poor innocent victims of partisan politics...Yep! It's the season for craziness.

It's amusing how the Rove troubles came about. Near as I can tell, President of the United States in bunkerum, Richard Cheney, while trying to dig up nasty things to say at the United Nations (and more importantly, on American TV) about Saddam Hussein, had the CIA send someone to find out more about the Niger uranium connection. A good Republican, if you will, Joseph Wilson was sent by the CIA operative with knowlege of the situation who happened to be the Mrs. Wilson, also known to CIA insiders as Valerie Plame. Mr. Wilson came back with exactly the opposite findings from what Mr. Cheney wanted him to find. When the Bushistas went ahead and said "Saddam tried to buy Uranium" Mr. Wilson, now being an expert on the subject, went public and made the point that this simply wasn't true, Mr. Cheney is lying. You wanna start a war, you need to tell the truth...

Now, you see... good old Mr. Wilson has become a bad man in the eyes of Karl Rove. It's like football!

(I have worked very hard to come up with a football analogy, folks...You should be proud of me.)

Phil Fulmer, the coach of the University of Tennessee Volunteers, got booed as he entered the stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Saturday. Alabama was cheating...violating NCAA rules, and, for once, Tennessee was NOT! A player who chose to attend Tennessee after being recruited by Alabama told all kinds of tales about how he was wined and dined, and other things I won't go into in a family blog, and Fulmer passed the info on to the NCAA. He would have been in violation of NCAA rules if he hadn't, actually.

So you see how it works? Alabama cheated and Tennessee is the bad guyfor getting them busted. Alabama gets five years probation for cheating, Fulmer gets booed... and sued, by the way.

Way to go, Alabama fans! Showing your class, eh?

So Cheney put out a bunch of lies to get the Iraq war started. Good old Mr. Wilson pointed out that at least one of them was a lie, and the man in charge of destroying to lives of honest people, Karl Rove and his trusy sidekick, Scooter Libby, did the most chicken shit thing a man can do. They wouldn't face the man, Wilson, himself...they went after his family... attacked Joe Wilson's wife, treasonously exposing her as a CIA operative and ruining her career along with the lives of all the undercover operatives she was coordinating. And I do mean "lives" least one of them has been executed.

Now it gets fun!

The "Plays one on TV" President, George Bush, asks Karl is he was involved. Karl looked him in the eye and said "No way, Boss! Going after a man's wife, just to get back at him, is a real chicken shit thing to do. That would be doing something like calling Hillary a lesbian just to try and hurt Bill Clinton...Or saying that John McCain ha a black baby! Really bad, sir. Never do anything like that. Nope, nope, nope!"

"Well, since nobody in my administration had anything to do with outing a clandestine CIA operative...which would be treason... which is a firing offense in my administration, by the way... I guess it's ok to let Ashcroft investigate, then." said the President for photo-ops, George W. Bush.

Then Ashcroft, who may be totally evil but who ain't stoopid, said, "Uh, I recuse myself, on account of this is going to be real bad and is a chicken shit thing to have done and I don't want any of that stuff on way!" And a prosecutor of the "Special" kind was appointed.

Now here is how the Republicans are so much smarter than Democrats.

When President Clinton was being investigated, the Dems let a Republican prosecutor be appointed, just be fair. And when special prosecutor Walsh turned out not to be enough of a partisan Republican, they appointed Ken Star, who spent 64 million dollars more than the Alabam Booster club did, and got Bill to say, "Ok. I did sorta mess around with that woman."

I mean hey, this is SEX I'm talking about...Not something silly, like 2000 soldiers dying in Iraq, or blowing up an entire under cover operation, killing a few of them in the process, or something!

So the Republicans appointed a good Republican to investigate the Republicans.

Well now the amazing part in all this is that the Republicans seemed to have appointed, as their "Special" Prosecutor, the last remaining person in the Republican party with honor. One guy who still has a sense of right and wrong and real duty to one's Nation, and they find him...Not what they wanted at all.

Patrick Fitzgerald is by all accounts, a very honorable man and a damned good prosecutor. The fun's just beginning.




  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Regarding the estimable Coach Fulmer, I punish my kids for "telling" on each other. A bit of booing seems about right in this case.


  2. SEC, Alabama and Tenn. football is off my radar screen, so I don't know much about it-but I like what and how you say about the things going on today in our government.