Monday, June 18, 2007

Bad Decisions

In the aftermath of Father's Day, I think the Iraq war may be explained more than anything else in terms of George W. Bush's disfunctional relationship with George H. W. Bush, but the rest of us will bear the brunt of the long term effects anyway.

Telling insight into the state of our president's conscience can be seen in his answer when he was asked about the "Future"?

"We'll all be dead." was his answer.

The United States of America is a big damned mess. Iraq is merely a symptom of what happens when too many people with no conscience control the power of this country and the media simply repeat their lies instead of holding a strong light to their actions.

I judge things by long term results. If it had been public knowlege that gas prices would double and stay doubled, and we would "lose" $8 Billion as in "can't find it", and that 3600 American troops woud die and 20,000 American troops would be seriously injured, and that Iraq would fall under the influence of Iran and civil war that threatens to engulf the entire Middle East...Would we have still voted to go to war?

the Bush Presidency is a monument to bad decisions with disasterous long term effects. I believe that one decision will go down in history as the greatest blunder in history and it's not going to war in the first place.

Tell me what you think.

The short primer on exactly what has happened in Iraq is fairly long but you should read it. It's a facts only compendium and a handy reference. Read it...

And be pissed...



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