Friday, June 22, 2007

The Speech

I have read and re-read the Speech. Yeah, I'm still thinking about Digby.

Every time, I find something new and worthy. Something that reinforces my beliefs in "play fair, don't cheat, and stick to the facts in an argument."

In great speeches words just come together and have meanings all out of proportion to the number of letters involved. For instance:

"Et tu, Brute? Then fall Ceasar!"

You would think that George W. Bush would have that one painted on his wall so he would know when to go bird hunting with Cheney. ( Yo, W...You're at 26%...Ask Brutus if he still loves you?)

The Gettysburg Address is often portrayed as a meaningful speech but I don't get that one. How did hundreds of thousands of Americans killing each other on a single day consecrate anything? Lincoln dedicated a memorial to the soldiers who died and didn't say a damned thing about the monumental malevalence of the politicians who lined them up across from each other, the monumental obsession to duty that led great generals to give the orders to fire, or the monumental stupidity of "We the People" who let ourselves be manipulated into one example of why humans from time to time are incapable of resisting evil leadership.

In all history, citizens have ceded their own best interests only when their common voice has been taken over by a central power structure which then censored the voice of the people. This is the case today, as our corporate media serves to prop up diseasedly corrupt politicians who do the work of the marketing and accounting departments of mega-International corporations. How else do you explain over half the people still believing that Saddam had something to do with 9-11, or that giving Exxon Mobil billions of dollars of our tax dollars is a good thing? The examples are endless with the public confusion on climate change being the single most threatening manipulation of public opinion in human history. Media by corporations leads inevitably to Government by Corporations and Corporations have no conscience nor soul. As a construct of humanity, Humans have now created our Satan.

Our society, our Nation, Our planet can only be saved if wiser more thoughtful voices can some how make themselves be heard. Once upon a time there was a simple soap box in the market square. Today we have Blogs.

The blogoshpere is, at present, the most democratic of mediums ever to be created. Bloggers read and think and write, and those who read and think and write the best, rise up the readership ladder...Each click of the mouse, anywhere in the world, a vote in this ultimate democracy.

The blogosphere has its crazies, they are loud and few...And it has its Digby's. We are not, as Fred Thompson claims, "fringe elements." The common views of the Progressive blogosphere are the common views of America.

Fred thinks that Leftist fringe elements are anyone who opposes his own views. "Those people who think we are the bad guys," Fred says. Fred Thompson is an agent for the Bush administration whose focus of late has been to keep Vice President Cheney's boy Scooter out of prison. Fred's speeches more and more have become repetitous mouthings of Bushian lies. He will never give the "Speech."

What Digby has done is point out that the ideals and viewpoints of "Progressive bloggers" are the viewpoints of mainstream America. Honesty is highly revered. We challenge our own views with the verifiable ones surviving. Opinions must be fact based in order to be considered.

Among the commonly shared opinions of the Progressive blogosphere:

The Constitution was, and still is, a good thing and must be obeyed...And that means impeaching anyone who breaks its covenants.

Humans have the right to legal representation, particularly against the government.

Lying to promote a war against a sovereign nation on another continent is wrong.

Good will and kindness are better than being a bully. Torture is simply wrong.

You are entitled to your own religion (no matter how goofy, Mr. Cruise) but you are not entitled to force others to listen to your views against their wills (Mr. Robertson).

The Government has the Duty and every right to regulate your Business and much less so your personal life and medical decisions.

Progressivism is mainstream America no matter what agents of Bush conservatism like Fred Thompson try to tell us in their pitifully dishonest speeches.

All hail Digby...Brutus has left the building.




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