Monday, June 04, 2007

Per Hair?

I made note of a couple of things during last night's Democratice Presidential debate. For one, it was on CNN and the moderators asked some fairly idiotic questions at times. I also noted that Edwards, Obama, and Hillary chided them for asking bad questions and at times refused to take the bait.

"That question is meant to divide us," said Edwards.

I got bored and flipped channels at times and I noticed something else...While CNN was airing a debate, NBC was airing a warm and fuzzy piece on Fred Thompson. It even showed Fred's wife wearing a modest outfit for a change. Karl Rove and the republican slime machine appear to have annointed Fred and are busy trying to make him look like he lives in Tennesee and has solid credentials as a Washington outsider. Fred, of course, has esentially lived in Washington DC most of his adult life and has been a paid lobbyist after serving his one term in the Senate.

Fred scares me.

If you photoshop his very expensive suits out of the picture, he looks like a taller Richard Nixon, with better personal grooming habits. I'm not putting down expensive suits and good personal grooming habits, per se, although I wear a suit as a last resort, and I'm very resourceful, and it's a cheep one at that. It's just that the media regards clothes as good when they are on a Republican candidate, and ostentatious when a Democratic candidate wears them. Photoshop the expensive suit out of a John Edwards picture and you still have a handsome smiling man who cares about other people and has a record of service to prove it. What does the media focus on? $200 dollar haircuts which they blow up to $400. Fluff over Substance.

This is why the media like Fred. He's got great fluff.

Go back to Fred and look...What you see is an actor... Pretending to have substance...pretending to not be a Washington Lobbyist...Pretending to be strong...Pretending he's not almost as far right wing as disgraced Senator Rick Santorum...

Here's my bottom line, and I have to cut Fred Thompson some slack because he was the only Republican Senator to vote against drilling in the Artctic National Wildlife Refuge, which makes him a flaming liberal in some people's eyes.

We need the media's help in saving America. WE need them to focus on substance this time. We need to know what Fred Thompson and John Edwards are going to do to save Middle Class America.

How does Fred's Health Care proposal compare to John's?

I don't want America to choose the next President based on Fred's trophy wife or John Edwards playing fiddle in Lyle Lovett's band. or even the fact that, PER HAIR, Fred Thompson's haircuts cost way more than John Edwards' do.

I want all the candidate's to be asked how in the hell they are going to get us out of the mess this last President and his Political party have gotten us into?



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