Thursday, June 28, 2007

Interesting Times

That was the old curse, "May you live in interesting times," and boy, do we.

It turns out that the United States government was taken over by Dick Cheney some time ago and all he cares about is what's good for Oil companies...Well that and suppliers of war materials, and if a company does both, it's golden.

Rudy Giulliani recently spoke at Pat Robertson's really bad law college in an incredible moment of irony. You might recall that Pat nodded and agreed when Jerry Falwell announced that the city that Giulliani was mayor of at the time, New York City, was destroyed on 9-11 because of sinfulness. Rudy might dress up as a woman, room with gay guys, sleep with his mistress in the mayor's mansion, and run with organized crime, but why kill a bunch of firemen because of Rudy, god?

US coins are suddenly being struck without 'In god we trust" on them. This has the Freepers all in an uproar, but pretty much everything gets the Freepers in an uproar. They love Ann Coulter, who recently got politely dismantled by Elizabeth Edwards on TV for suggesting that a terrorist bomb should blow up Elizabeth's husband, John.

The Freepers also got in an uproar when an analysis of several serious studies of American religion came back showing that in all truth, less than half of us are actually seriously religious. Less than half? Freepers immediately announced that anybody who doesn't believe in Jesus should be killed.

The third richest man in the world is Warren Buffet and he backs Hillary Clinton for president...Well, he also backs Barrack Obama, too. Or maybe he just backs anybody except a Republican. Anyway, Buffet raised a million bucks for Hillary and has given the max to Obama and plans more fundraisers.

That bit of news is overshadowed just a bit by the fact that Al Gore, who still isn't running, Leads all candidates in the New Hampshire primary polls.

The conservative leaning Washington Post has just finished a 4 part series on Dick Cheney stating, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Cheney is the AntiChrist...Whether they think this is a good thing or a bad thing is unknown at this point.

Washington Post Series on Dick Cheney: I, II, III, IV

Like I said...Interesting times...And I left out a ton of stuff.



PS: Here in the gorge, our eagles had twins again this year. The screeching is incessant at times. Until you get to watch them learn to fly, it never dawns on you that they learn to fly before they learn to land. The landings are ugly and tear up the target tree limb. One big baby wound up upside down for a few seconds in a white pine before it crashed around and got settled.

The red breasted woodpeckers are feeding their fledglings wild cherries. I cut back on the suet feeder to make them learn to find real food.


  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Don't you get it?? Socialism IS FOR THE RICH. Their goal is to eliminate the middle class and keep everyone living in poverty and misery equally.

    They say they want 'fairness', so they will keep taxing & taking things away from you so we can be poor like other countries.

    Why do you think so many of the rich Hollywood elitists, and other rich celebrities vote for liberals?

    It's about keeping the ruling class (the rich), destroying the middle class, and have everyone else as slaves to the government.

    Wake UP. Don't be duped by this.

    Raising taxes DESTROYS the middle class and moves people right into poverty.

    Most of the wealthy AVOID paying taxes by moving their money into tax shelters.

    If socialism works so well, why are people fleeing Mexico, and now Venezuala?

    Socialism is about the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer!

  2. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Socialism Rules!!!