Saturday, June 09, 2007

Memphis and St Golf

We're in Memphis for youngest son's last tournament with his club team so I'm going to be lazy for now.

Al Gore's home energy use vs GW Bush'sgas home energy use has been a topic of much wingnut gas lately so here is the official response from Gore, along with some other stuff I found interesting.

Several golfers are staying at our motel since we're only a short distance from the St. Jude golf tournament this weekend. We can see John Daly's bar from the windows. It's a curious crowd to me, but I bet the golfers think the same thing about the soccer team.

It was pretty funny, though, John Daly's promo trailer looks like one of those things you see at nascar events only with a big Hooter's logo on the side. We walked by it and saw this beautiful heroic picture of Daly on a golf tee at sunset pasted across the back of the trailer. Even on the mural, Daly had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

He came into the bar and sang with the band for a bit. You could see the scratches on his face from his wife's attack on him the night before.

So I have a friend who works in the golf biz and he says that there are only three golfers with real promotional value...Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson...and John Daly. I realize that lots of people play golf and that it is sort of a religion, but who the hell is John Daly a role model for?

Maybe he's the real role model for all golfers...Sloppy fat, drunken party hearty, with a huge drive.

I just don't get it, but peace anyway.


Update: Fixed the link to Al Gore (Thanks Rikki)

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  1. You done forgot the Gore bit. I don't know if you were going to link to it or quote it, but you did neither.