Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stupid Lying

Tom Tomorrow suggests an answer to a question many of us have asked ourselves,

"Are Conservatives stupid or lying?"

My own answer to whether conservatives are stupid or lying has always been...


Here's a less snarky proposal that draws on a worldwide perspective. It adds a third leg to the stool of Conservatism that gives a more critical analysis.

Conservatives are a world wide phenomenon so don't think America is alone in it's misery. We just have a particularly malicious strain of conservatism infecting about 29% of our countrymen at this time.

It may come as a surprise to most folks, but in studies of American opinion, we are getting more Progressive and less conservative. People who claim the title of conservative are in the minority when it comes down to actual issues. Consider the two big hot button issues of our time, gay marriage and abortion. Slightly almost two thirds of Americans think Roe v Wade should be preserved (62%) and a similar number think some form of civil union/gay marriage should be enacted.

Conservatives are in both denial and minority.

This is why Karl Rove works so diligently to suppress Democratic votes. This is why Alberto Gonzales' use of the Justice Department as a political weapon is so destructive to American Democracy. If both major parties were allowed to vote in equal percentages, Republicans would become the minority party they so richly deserve to be.

Bottom line is that America is a Progressive Nation with a Neo-Conservative power structure and...

A bunch of wimps for an opposition party.



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