Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Global Warming hasn't stopped the snow in South Carolina. Break out the SLED...(State Law Enforcement Agency in SC) South Carolina State Treasurer, and Rudy Giulianni campaign Chaiman, Thomas Ravenel was indicted for buying a bit of cocaine for himself and his friends. In this case, a "bit" is about, oh say.. a pound.

Giulianni seems to hang around with some really nice spoiled rich coke heads and... the mob.


From the web site of Fred Thompson:

"In the tradition of Daniel Boone of Tennessee and President George Washington, citizen-legislators and leaders Thompson had admired growing up, he walked away from an easy reelection victory to seek new challenges."

George Washington was a "citizen legislator" and Daniel Boone was from Tennessee? How about "Fred Thompson was a K Street lobbyist who could make tons more money with half the work as an ex- Senator."

Fred was too lazy to do his job. And I guess the "new challenges" had to do with making up stuff in order to get republican criminals off the hook. Fred was in charge of the "Free Scooter" movement and still makes the ludicrous statement that Valerie Plame wasn't a covert agent.

Fred's people meant to compare him to Davy Crockett, I guess...The TV Davy and the TV Fred are pretty cool, but the real ones are pretty lousy people. Fred says it's ok to destroy the CIA career of the wife of a political enemy ( Who's offense was to catch Bush and Cheney in a huge lie) and Davy Crockett abandoned his wife and a bunch of children to run off and become a mercenary in Texas, where some Mexicans apparently had the good sense to shoot him.

I still say the worst thing about Cheney/Scooter/Rove/Bush...yeah, Bush... outing a covert CIA agent in order to punish her husband for catching you in one of the worst purposeful lies of your the sheer cowardice of it all.

Cheney/Scooter/Rove/Bush, You guys lied and got us into a tragic stupid war. You got called on it by a Patriot. And then you committed the shameful and disgraceful and cowardly act of...

Attacking a man's wife to get back at him because you are too chickenshit to stand up and take your beating.

Yes...I did just call George Bush and Dick Cheney "Chickenshit"...

And so is every Republican and anybody else who doesn't have the courage to look into their hearts and face the truth.


Live with it.


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