Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Big O

My son came in and sat down, well flopped, in the leather chair aimed at the tv. I was watching Olbermann. After a minute or two he said, "What channel is this? that guy is pretty down on George Bush."

MSNBC had the Keith Olbermann show going and he wasn't really hammering Bush so much as he was simply telling the day's story. The "Hammerin" takes care of itself in a case of straight reporting. If Olbermann has a problem, it is that he speaks in sentences that are complex, yet abrupt. he works for a "Commercial" network and yet said this:

“We made a mistake in the ’20s. We let broadcasting in this country develop with commercial broadcasting taking the lead and all other kinds of information on radio or television secondary or tertiary.

“But the protection of money at the center of everything, including news to the degree that it is now, is that as long as you make the money, they don’t care what it is you put on the air..."

We should watch his show more often. here's his blog:




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