Thursday, March 09, 2006


AS the Republican leadership decides there is no reason to investigate the Bush Administration's violation of the Constitution in the NSA warrentless wiretap scandal, I have made a decision.

In the past, I have been rather proud of my independent voting record. I have voted for at least one Republican during each election cycle, though I admit to heavily favoring Democrats, in view of there not actually being a "Progressive" Party. This is officially over. Until Republicans grow something resembling a conscience...I will not vote for anyone associated with that party for any elected position higher than dogcatcher, and then only if the job will go unfilled.

I am tired of hearing Republican Senators speak pompously on TV about their Constitutional concerns with the actions of the President and then quietly blessing the most aggregious crimes against Democracy in America. Rather than hold some kind of hearing to determine if the Constitution is being violated the Republicans in the House and Senate pass more laws that clear violate the Constitution. It's like the only way to make up for stealing...Is to steal more.

Well I'm over it. I plan to actively campaign for anybody who is not a Republican, starting at the County level. You may be my friend, but that doesn't matter.

If you remain a part of the Republican party, You support Fascists and that's that!

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