Sunday, March 12, 2006

Voyeuristic Tendencies

Our bedroom has a door that opens out onto a deck that hangs over the edge of our hillside. The night was so warm and the air smelled so nice after the evening showers that I had to leave it open. Before first light, I was questioning that decision. A couple of dozen turkeys apparently found roost in the woods and started chatting each other up.

Living in the treetops is nice until you want to sleep a bit late but all the birds decide it's time to stake out their territories in predawn song...particularly if the birds weigh 15 to twenty pounds each. Turkey gobblers don't actually gobble, in my opinion. Their call sounds more like a melodious warbling high volume belch.

Giving up on sleep, I wandered out onto the deck with a cup of killer coffee and my 20 power binoculars to survey the world. When I checked out Lake Steve to see what was causing all the ripples, I peered into a cluster of dozen or so toads playing twister in the mud. I can now say that I know things I never even suspected about toad love.

I often joke about my drugs of choice being coffee and aspirin, and I was looking through the binocs and drinking coffee when, being the curious type, I wondered where the stuff came from, originally. Who was it, exactly, that gave this gift/curse to humanity? Following up on the impulse led me to this article sorta related to the evil bean.

Where coffee came from...maybe



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