Monday, March 20, 2006

Feed 'em On Peaches

This morning it's raining a cold Spring rain. Mom Nature is toying with us, retribution, no doubt, for the evil things we've done to her planet. No worries on my part because I love the rain...even cold rain. Spring colors are far superior to Fall in that the pastel palette seem sfar more promising and pleasing to my eye. The Sarvice Berry on the far side of the gorge is at its flowery peak and the maples are just starting to show off their red tipped twigs.

One maple just a few yards from my window has outdone itself with spring bloom and is hanging with abundant scarlet. I checked the Redbuds last evening.The buds are beginning to show. I have often thought Tennessee should have a Redbud Festival where everybody drives along I 40 and oohs at the majesty of infinite purple.

As a nice exclamation point to my morning, a Bald Eagle is showing off for his girlfriend, flaring his tail irridescent in the soft light.

Ah, Spring...Just don't come too fast. I'm loving the last of Winter right now.



My peach tree seems happy:

I woke up in the wee hours after having fallen asleep on the couch. Whatever it was that the boys had been watching was over and one of those insomniac come on shows was preaching at me.

The guy was wearing a fairly wild looking combination of rabinical garb and african print accessories. I waited to find out why I was going to hell this time and how much I needed to send in order to save my soul. What I saw was about the worst tv evangelist I've ever encountered. A bad public speaker and an inchoherant message...Possibly a Democrat running for something?

Nope...Try this one for laughs:


The General is all happy that when we Google Jesus, he pops up as number 8 on the list:


Well that's nice but guess what pops up as the second most popular result when you google Jesus? I'll not comment other than to point out that this is Just in time for Easter:


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