Friday, March 10, 2006

Clinton's Lily

People have complained about Clinton's Lily almost from the start...

It's a wildflower named after a politicain...But not the one you think. Henry David Thoreau didn't like who the plant was named for, DeWitt Clinton, Governor of New York, who was also a naturalist.

This is not to be confused with a denizen of the Cumberland Plateau, the Naturist. These are clothing optional types and there are several resorts catering to bare adventurers in East Tennessee.

Imagine that...Or don't. Word is that the people you will see at the resorts don't much resemble the pictures you see in the web ads. (Google it yourself, I'm not helping with this one)

Anyway...ahem...There are lots of things that pop out this time of year and only this time of year. Spring wildflowers. They tend to be small, beautiful, and fragile. I found a round lobed hepatica nearly in downtown Kingston, only to find that it got buried by earth moving equipment before I could relocate it. While tragic in and of itself, this event shows us that we can find interesting native plants that can be taken from the wild in good conscience and relocated to our own yards if we are thoughtful.


Here is a photo gallery I found. It is from an East Tennessee garden of transplanted wildflowers. I am soooo far behind these folks.

At any rate, now is the time to get off our hineys and wander about the Tennessee coves. Be alert, observant, and watch where you step. Humans have big feet.



Tennessee Garden

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  1. I adore diggin' stuff up and adding to my yard.