Saturday, March 04, 2006

Crooked little man in a Crooked little House

"I have ripped my life to shreds" was the quote from Randy Cunningham, as he receives the longest sentence in history for a crooked Congressman.

I would consider executing him. He's bummed because he won't be able to fool around on the 150 foot yacht he bought with bribe money, while War contractors pocket billions of your tax dollars.

First of all, a politician who violates the public trust has committed the most foul of crimes against our society, by accepting money for his vote. Congressman Cunningham took money for his vote. He took money and voted for war. he took money from CIA contractors to make sure they were awarded lucrative contracts.

Yeah, the Bush CIA is crooked. How 'bout that? Who'd a thunk?

"The CIA Inspector General has opened an investigation into the spy agency's executive director, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, and his connections to two defense contractors accused of bribing a member of Congress and Pentagon officials."

Via Kos

All that is bad, of course, but it shows us one thing above all else. Republicans do not believe in the most basic of American concepts..."The Public Good."

Cunningham is worried about having "ripped my life to shreds" but we hear nothing, not one word, about the devastating effects his actions had on others.

Ok, here's the deal: Lots of our Congressmen are crooked. They take money for their vote. I say that act should receive the most agregious punishment America can impose on the perpetrator. Eight years in prison is not enough.

But the real problem is that Congressman Cunningham cast votes that were illegal. Are they allowed to stand?

Tom DeLay illegally had Texas redistricted so that 5 new congressmen would be Republicans not Democrats. I consider that to mean that there have been those five illegal votes cast in Congress for every Bush administration program that has come to the floor of the House of Representatives.

Are these illegal votes going to be allowed to stand?

Can anybody tell me why, in the name of all that is good, the crooks get to win?

I haven't heard anything about the crooked lobbyists and what will happen to them.

Hmm.."Crooked Lobbyist"...Is that an Oxymoron?



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  1. Why do the crooks get to win? I wonder the same thing myself..