Thursday, November 23, 2006

America to the World, "Pardon the Turkey"

President Bush pardoned a turkey yesterday. The crime for which the turkey was pardoned was...Being a turkey. I figure this sets a precedent by which President Bush hopes that he too will be pardoned when the time comes...

So what I don't get in this is that even though it got pardoned, the Turkey will go right on being a Turkey! This heinous bird will immediately commit the same capital crime for which it had been sentenced in the first place...So, Mr. Meleagris Gallopavo, or whatever you call yourself, Why are you special that you deserve a pardon for the same crime for which other, perhaps more worthy, turkeys are making the ultimate sacrifice?

Does this mean that it is OK and legal now to commit Turkey in America? Is this yet another case of the Executive Branch creating legislation? If the Supreme Court is wrong to do this, why is it OK for the President to do it? I think it boils down to a self serving machination for the chief executive of the United States of America and other turkeys to excuse themselves for their very existance, no matter how burdensome...Something I'm not sure America is ready to do.

I say Americans should be tired of unrepentent Turkeys. It is time for everyone to rise up and act...No more sitting on the couch while others do your work for you. Do your part, friends. Rid America of the threat created by the Turkey. Go big, today...As an example, I plan to take out an entire drumstick all by myself.

Are you with me, America? Damn the diets...Devour the Bird!


And Happy Thanksgiving!


"Tomorrow at the White House, President Bush will pardon the turkey ... and
today, Dick Cheney spent all day torturing it"
--David Letterman

Molly's thankfull, too:

Thanks from a grateful nation for an obedient press corps that failed during
Bush’s six-hour, carefully orchestrated visit to Indonesia to register the fact
that there were massive demonstrations against his administration and its
policies toward Muslims. The demonstrators during his short visit forced him to
stay behind the presidential palace wall all day and—due to concerns for his
safety—not spend the night.

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