Monday, November 13, 2006

Buh Bye, Deadbeat Daddy

The autopsy is being performed on the corpse of the Republican majority even as we examine the people who killed it.

The first words out of right wing spin meisters greasy little mouths were that America elected
conservative Democrats. On further review, that is absolutely wrong. Of the 29 new Congressmen only two are anti-choice...All the others fully support a woman's right to make her own health decisions. The most conservative Democrat in the Senatorial race, Harold Ford Jr., lost and a case can be made that the 50,000 votes he needed could have come by more effectively energizing progressives in this state as opposed to a move further to the right.

The other claim is that the Iraq war was the big issue, and it certainly was large, but Republican Corruption and their inability to create jobs for the average American worker was just as big an issue according to exit polls. One of my own personal concerns is where today's kids are going to find work in the next ten years. An economy that isn't based on making things has to function parisitically on economies that do manufacture. This is a long term worry for every level in America.

So we trade George W. Bush for Nancy Pelosi:

This will be known as the year macho politics failed — mainly because it was macho politics by marshmallow men. Voters were sick of phony swaggering, blustering and bellicosity, absent competency and accountability. They were ready to trade in the deadbeat Daddy party for the sheltering Mommy party.

All the conservative sneering about a fem-lib from San Francisco who was measuring the drapes for the speaker’s office didn’t work. Americans wanted new drapes, and an Armani granny with a whip in charge.

Maureen Dowd

That sums it up nicely.


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