Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Eleventh Hour, of the Eleventh Day, of the Eleventh Month

At this point in the history of the Iraq War, we have roughly 30,000 American Veterans who will come home with life changing wounds or will come home in a box. We owe them and their families something that has eluded us since the early days in the run up to the war before a single military act was committed. It is time to answer the question,

..."Why did we go into Iraq?"

Saddam was not and could not become a threat to us. He was evil incarnate but imasculated as a player on the world stage except for his county's oil reserves.

Iraq was not harboring terrorists that were interested in the U.S. In fact, Saddam hated Al Zarqawi and would have eliminated him except for the fact that the United States itself was protecting him in the no fly zone.

If "Bringing Democracy" were such a big deal, there are several hundred countries that would pop up on the radar screen ahead of Iraq and the International community barely stood for our invasion of a beligerant dictator's country as it was.

And so on and so on...

Now we need to answer the question decisively and for all to see, because war is a horrible thing that scars even the victor. In an honorable society War cannot be a President's toy for his own personal ambitions or to fill deep psychological abysses, in the "Saddam tried to kill my Daddy" mode. War cannot be a tool of Corporate greed such as the slavering Haliburton or Bechtel have amply demonstrated by their gluttonous clutching of so much American tax money that they themselves cannot find it all, and billions remain lost in their corrupt machinations. All of this must be exposed as a lesson to the American People,

...And to honor our Veterans!

WE let them be sent to war for false reasons. WE must expose everyone involved in this deception and let the chips fall where they may. And most of all we must learn the methods of those who would deceive us for their own dark purposes.

In the Election's aftermath we are hearing that Rumsfeld was a victim of politics and that is he had been replaced sooner, Republicans would still be in control of the Senate. Rumsfeld was not a victim of politics. He was a victim of greed, of corruption, and of failure..not that of others but of his own. Rumsfeld lied so easily and so often that we have no idea at this point where fact and fiction divide. It is time for us to know.

We do not honor war by the celebration of Veteran's Day...We honor our Veteran's sacrifice on our behalf in the cause of Peace and Freedom. We honor them and must not sully that honor by hiding from the truth or failing to expose the corruption and failure of the leaders who made them Veterans of Foreign Wars in a false cause.

America must not fear the truth. Let it be heard for the sake of our future and for the Honor of our Veterans.




A warrior of a different sort is Molly Ivins.

Ivins has published six books, four of them best-sellers, including "Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She?" The author is working with Lou Dubose on her next book, whose subject -- what happened to the Bill of Rights? — is undeniably a timely one, she feels. "The publisher doesn't know this yet," she avows, "but we're thinking of calling it 'Chickensnake in the Hen House.' It's a story about getting so scared that you hurt yourself."

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