Tuesday, November 21, 2006


James Carville has suffered a serious smack down for suggesting Howard Dean be fired as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Even the Clintons have publicly winced, even though secretly, they have to know that Dean has solidified the REAL Democratic Party into a reasonable fighting force.

Fun quotes:

"Why should the Democratic Party take advice from a man who can't even
convince his own wife to vote Democratic?"

Howard Dean (Yeah, that's a repeat, but it's soooo delicious)

There seems to be the growing awareness among Progressives that there is a real movement to retake their political party from the Corporatist wing represented by the DLC and the Clintons.
"Although this is obviously lost on most pundits and journalists, it is
interesting how this seemingly odd alliance between state parties and the
progressive movement is based not upon ideology. Rather, it is based upon both a
shared strategic principle, the fifty-state strategy, and a shared chip on the
shoulder: the sensethat both have been long ignored by the party leadership. It is a sort of Alliance of the Ignored."

Chris Bowers (read the whole piece)

"Screw Carville and the Bleep he rode in on"...Commentor on the Bowers

And another repeat:

"YeeeeHaaaaaahhhhh!"...Howard Dean

I am going to make a prognostication that Howard Dean will be the next Vice President of the United States...Who will be the Boss?

The next president

Thank God for Evolution.

Reverend Michael Dowd

And from Jay Leno:

President Bush is getting ready for his big trip to Vietnam. Dick Cheney however got a deferment.

There was an embarrassing moment. President Bush had to ask John Kerry for directions.

And more than ever...



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