Tuesday, November 28, 2006

War and Peace

The Iraq War, disaster though it is, is a temporary problem on a global scale. But let's not forget how we were fooled into this and that hundreds of thousands of people, many of them American Troops, are dead as a result.

A simple collection of quotes from the architechs of the Iraq war serve as a reminder of how badly we were misled. Remembering that there absolutely was no "clear evidence of peril", it was all cooked books...all of it...This particular quote stands above the rest:

“Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof — the smoking gun — that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.”

Think Progress has a "Where are they now?" piece on the largest collection of what can only be thought of as "Traitors to the American cause" outside of Federal prison today.

Rush Limbaugh just wants to "Blow the Place up" since the war he advocated didn't go so well. What a Goon! Why does anyone listen to these evil people? Remember what a cheerleader Limbaugh was for going to war? "We'll lose 150 at most." Now it''s just a toy he's tired of or a puzzle he can't work so he just want's it tossed in the trash...Along with the millions of lives we've destroyed. Thanks, Rush.

And then there's the smiling Conservative wolf....

Something I'm noticing more and more...Lots of people are concerned about the Iraq War but more and more are coming to the realization that the environment should be the number one concern of every human on Earth. The Republican chant of "Environmentalists will hurt the economy" is being replaced by "If we don't do something really really soon...We're all gonna die!"

Turns out that the most anti-environmental Senators and Congressmen lost their jobs because not only are they anti-environment...They're Corrupt!

...Last June, LCV named seven members to its Dirty Dozen roster under the additional moniker of the
Oil Slick Seven. Senators Rick Santorum, Conrad Burns and Jim Talent, plus
Representatives Richard Pombo, Katherine Harris, Heather Wilson and Bob Ney.
Happily all but Congresswoman Wilson lost their seats in the Democratic
landslide three weeks ago, or, as in Ney's case, got caught up in crooked
dealings. Others on the dirty list, which this year totaled 15 instead of 12,
also lost their races or resigned in disgrace. They were Rep. J.D. Hayworth, Rep
Charles Taylor, Sen George Allen and Rep Tom DeLay. Rep. Bob Beauprez left his
House seat to run for governor in Colorado, and lost...





  1. I think it is beyond being fooled. The emotional response to 9/11 is no excuse either. I had a good feeling the war was going to be crap from the beginning, just because I knew George was an idiot that played his cards right and got all the 'Bible thumping', ""Moral"" people's votes. The American public and armed forces are just reaping what they have sewn for voting such a douche into office. I say continue your violent and relentless rampage in this country Mr. Bush, make the morons that voted you in pay a high price for their incompetence! Once the 'feable-minded' die out from blindly following Bush, the smart ones will come out of hiding and clean up the remains (if there are any...). Survival of the fittest!

  2. Okay, so I'm a bona fide old hippie when I read "We're all gonna die" and immediately think of Country Joe and the Fish.

  3. Yep...Seen this?