Thursday, November 16, 2006

From our "George W. Bush is a piece of scum" Department

You are arrested. You tell your captors you are innocent. They tell you they know you are guilty because they have secret evidence that you cannot see. You will have no lawyer, no judge, only the "officers" who will proceed to ask you questions to establish your guilt.

“They tell you “you are from Al Qaed”’ and when you say “no” they give
the (electric) current to your feet.... As you keep saying ‘no’ this goes on for
two or three hours,” he said, adding he had several times lost

He claimed he was once shackled to a ceiling for “four
or five days”.

“They take you down in the mornings when a doctor comes
to see whether you can endure more,” he said. “They let you sit when the
interrogator comes.... They take you down about three times a day so you do not

... “I saw several people die,” he said. “Sometimes I
thought I could no longer stand it and would also die.”

"Murat" is not a comedy movie about politically incorrect characature, it is the name of a man who was falsely accused, tortured, held without reason, tortured some more, and finally, after some of the secret documents that supposedly proved his guilt were "accidentally" made public, Murat Kurnaz was released after four years in extrajudicial detention in guantanamo.

When his case was forced up for review by the German government, German reviewers and reviewers from the US State Department said they found no evidence against him, but three officers from Guantanamo claimed they had secret evidence to prove his guilt. When the secret evidence was discovered, it actually had nothing except evidence proving his innocence, for the most part, and one letter claiming he was Al Qeida...unsigned and undocumented. His "crime" turned out to be that he once slept in a hostel that was claimed to have Al Queida ties...A charge which was determined to be false.

What does George W. Bush say about guantanamo detainees?

No question, Guantanamo sends a signal to some of our friends -- provides an
excuse, for example, to say the United States is not upholding the values that
they're trying to encourage other countries to adhere to. And my answer to them
is, is that we are a nation of laws and rule of law. These people have been
picked up off the battlefield and they're very dangerous

That is a lie...

Murat Kurnaz was picked up in Pakistan at the airport where he was flying home to Germany, imprisoned, denied access to our legal system, tortured on and off because he would never say what his interrogators wanted him to say because it was a lie.

The Presidency of George W. Bush is also a lie.

It is time to save our country from him and his flying monkeys.



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