Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just so you'll know...

I've seen several erratic meteors the last few nights. Erratic meteors are a gift from erratic sleep habits. We have a nice meteor even scheduled in the next few weeks but I'll say more about that later. Early Winter brings crisp clear nights and the renewal of my fascination with the sky. There's not much that makes me feel more wonderment than the sight of the Pleides through binoculars.

The eagles are getting frisky, too. Three of them were cackling and twirling above the house yesterday as I was tryng to fix the water system. I was well prepared and had all the right parts, except for the one I broke while fixing the ones that were already broken. A fifteen minute job and water outage of one hour turned into a half hour job, an hour trip to the pluming supply, and a total outage of two hours...about normal for one of my projects. I think the cackling overhead was eagle laughter. They kept it up until I went inside to get the family to come out and watch, and then they left immediately.

Cold nights bring sound up close from a fair distance away. The drag racers out on the highway come through loud and clear on a cold Saturday night. Millions were spent on the Whites Creek bridge and I'm glad someone appreciates it. Perfect place to start a street race.

Under the Pleides.




Here's a few things that caught my eye lately....

Donald Rumsfeld personally authorized the suspension of the Geneva conventions in Abhu Ghraib.

Radical Shiites took command of the State run radio in Iraq and called for attacks on Sunni leaders. It's a mess and getting worse. Most observers think this event marks the descent of Iraq into full scale civil war and an end to a unified iraq.

God hates gays and loves liars.

Hugo Chavez, contrary to what the Bush administration says, was democratically elected last time and currently holds a 2-1 margin with Venezuela elections in 7 days. If Bush loves Democracy, he will hail Chavez when he is elected and turn his attention to bringing down the Saudi government, which is a dictatorial monarchy. So, Yeah, Right! It's all about the OIL!

The Congressional race for Katherine Harris' old seat has gross irregularities with an estimate of 60,000 votes not counted and lost. A straight forward case of a stolen election, Essentially ALL of the errors favor the Republican candidate. The only recourse if a new election, but we'll see.

Links to articles like: Boogeymongering....Iraq is Beyond repair...The Quiet Day we Lost the War...Honest News from the AntiWar crowd.

Want to prevent over 800,000 abortions every year?...Easy...

A biography of Mohandas K. Ghandi...If you don't already know why you should go read it...that's why you should go read it.

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