Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gore's Challenge

Speaking in Norway today, Al Gore said he had a greater challenge on his plate than running for President of the United States...Fighting Climate Change and global warming. I think he's downplaying the challenge. I think he's not just fighting climate change, I think he's fighting a deep abiding ignorance generated by the lackeys hired by Exxon Mobile Corporation and others. .
This is starkly illustrated by the Scripps Howard published Knoxville News Sentinel which published this local editorial lead:

"It's not often that we're able to hail a native son for winning the Nobel Peace
Prize. So we take great pleasure in saluting former vice president Al Gore as the
recipient of the prestigious award."

But then there it was on the opposite page...this nasty bit of fraud by a bit player in the war on truth:

Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize for his error-filled, shrill campaign to instigate responses to global warming is not just a kind of ideological fraud worthy of a chuckle or two but, quite possibly, a very real danger, a precursor to devastation.

Had there been errors of any sort in Al Gore's Oscar winning movie, it would have been front page news all over the world. In fact, a court of examination in Great Brittain found that out of hundreds of statements of fact contained in the movie, a scientific panel was able to only quibble with the language and not the underlying claims in nine sentences in the whole movie.

And yet, the Knoxville News still allows venomous attacks such as this one to appear in its pages even though its claims are lies. How in Hell can burning fewer fossil fuels be "a precursor to devastation"?

This is horse shit on the face of it, and yet there it the Knoxville News Sentinel.

So...Al Gore does in fact face a greater challenge than running for President. He faces a greater challenge, even, than global warming. In reality, Al Gore is waging a war for Truth...for Science...and for the very salvation of this planet.



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