Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Sermon

The Sunday Sermon at WhitesCreek enlightens the stark differences between Islam and Christianity:

"Jesus lived a perfect life of nonviolence, showing kindness to humans and animals, without material possessions, and abstaining from sin."

Well of course...All Christians know that. But that is a description of Jesus, not from the New Testament, but from Islam.

"One of only 8 chapters (out of 144) named after a person, the Sura Maryam tells the story of a woman called Maryam, Umm Isa.

Maryam is a Semitic name which means Mary in English.

Christians know her as Mary, Mother of Jesus."

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  1. Gives an interesting perspective of how people who don't accept Christianity think.

  2. How on earth do you come up with that statement, ceeslouis?

    What if I said, "your comment gives an interesting perspective of how religious bigots think."

    Is that fair to say?

  3. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Kind of looks like you did say it, huh?