Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Now or Never date is soon

Millions of people in the USA are trying their best to get Al Gore to run for President.

The current polls show a strange mix in the electorate that makes a Gore run viable but will he, or won't he? We've been asking ourselves that same question for years now.

In nationwide polls Hillary is ahead of the othe Democratic candidates until you throw Al Gore into the mix. Another strange quirk of this years race is that, while Hillary leads the other Dems, in a head to head match up against any of the Republicans, John Edwards does the best, Obama, second, and Hillary third, although EVERY Dem frontrunner beats ALL of the Republican frontrunners by a handy margin at this point.

It appears that even in spite of owning the American Corporate media, America just doesn't like what Republicans have done to their country. Now all we need is for Democrats to take over their own political party again.

Howard Dean...Please tell Al Gore... The time is NOW!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Well said.

    The Democratic Party needs a uniter right now. Gore would be it.

    I simply won't vote for Hillary regardless of who she runs against. I want change. Hillary only talks change, she will bring none.

    I hope Democrats come to realize just why all the Pro-Hillary media talk comes from FOX, ABC, The WSJ, and every other Right Wing owned outlet.
    The Right knows Hillary will bow to them the way Bill did. That's what they want, a win/win situation in '08.

    Trouble is, it looks like a lot of Dems really are stupid enough to give it to them.

    C'mon Al. Time's a wastin'