Monday, October 08, 2007

Random Political

Let's see...

Hillary is slightly ahead of John Edwards in Iowa, but she made a gaff that may have some effect there. She refused to admit that her recent Senate vote allows George W. Bush to start moving down a greased slope into war in Iran, and then told the questioner he had been told to say that...Well...NO, Actually.

It's interesting (and tragic, at the same time) to see the Democrats tear each other up so the Republicans don't have to, while at the same time the Republicans simply attack Hillary, who in reality is nothing more than a moderate Republican who just isn't batshit crazy.

Oddly, the Republican attack on John Edwards centers around the claim that he's just too attractive to be President.

The other leading Democratic candidate is being whispered about in Republican quarters because he's black, of course, and his Daddy slept with a White woman. Why is it that the person with half Japanese and half white parents is "half Japanese" but since Obama's Mother was White and her husband was Black, Obama is Black?

That's not fair. I'm not exactly sure who it's unfair to, but I'm pretty sure I should be aggrieved about something. I'll let you know when I figure it out.



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