Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A "Phony Soldier" Calls out Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh said any soldier who disagrees with the Iraq War is a "phony soldier."

In order to hide this monumental travesty from the American public, Rush has altered the transcripts of his show and removed the podcast. Then he claims Liberals are lying about what he said. Unlike the Democrats who are too cowardly to support their best ally,, Republicans have circled the wagons around Rush in what may become Rush's Little Bighorn.

I think it won't be enough. Republicans know that Rush is an important ally in spreading misinformation but that may come to an end.

Wesley Clark has called for Rush's removal from Armed Forces Radio, as have a lot of "phony soldiers". I agree with this move. Rush is a documented liar and a foaming shill for the worst of the Republican party.

Digby has it:

"You're a pompous coward and it's about time someone called you out on it and
that someone is me...My name is Eric Massa
...and you know where to find me."

I stood in the sand, snow, dirt, mud and dust of both Afghanistan and Iraq.
I spent over a week on a side of a mountain in Afghanistan during Operation
Anaconda. I received The Bronze Star medal for my actions during that battle. I
crossed the border into Iraq with the first wave of the 101st Airborne. I
sustained an open head injury on the streets of Mosul after a vehicle borne IED
exploded next to the vehicle I was riding in. I have seen the aftermath of a
real suicide bomber. I had loved ones who died in the 9/11 attacks.

I have friends and colleagues who returned from the war in body bags.How dare you call someone like me a phony soldier and a suicide bomber?

In the commercial I just taped, I told you unless you had the guts to say something to my face, stop telling lies about my service. Well you haven’t had the guts to say it to my face, but I am waiting and the offer is still on the table...

So Rush is a coward who avoided military service but still feels the right to criticize anyone who dares to speak the truth about Iraq.

I hope he gets what he deserves but in order for that to happen, National Democrats will have to grow a spine.



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