Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last Evening

Finally! We actually had a sprinkle of rain in October.

It wasn't much but it did kill some of the dust and bring the fall singers out in full voice last evening.

The Katydids have given up their heavy metal thumping and we're left with a softer trill in the night. I like to sit on the deck with a glass of something and listen for the harmonies of the night.

Sometimes I think it's just my tinnitus from playing in a bad rock band that makes the harmony but then who cares, right? Music is where you find it.

There are other sounds that I can identify and some I can't. I have to wonder what beast makes the sound that momentarily overpowers the crickets, but it comes once and no more. I can't even describe it, except to say I've heard it before.

From time to time something pulls their chain and the barred owls bark at each other and make other calls with amazing power, even though they are a fairly big bird it is still impressive how loud they are. I'm still waiting for the screech owls. They are my favorites, with trills and coos and sounds that used to evoke ghost stories in days when humans were still connected with the real world instead of sitting inside in front of a liquid crystal display feeding them fantastical impossibilities.

Why invest yourself in other people's realized hallucinations? Isn't reality strange enough?

I'll take the owls and crickets and true mysteries of a Fall night.



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