Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Help People?

The terms "Liberal" and "Progressive" are not the same thing. One could actually be a progressive conservative, even though that is highly unlikely, since Progressives tend to have a conscience and have difficulty in attempting to live in an alternate reality, which seems to come naturally to the brand of conservative loosed on the world today.

Saint Paul has something to say about this.

Paul Krugman:

For now, in other words, being an active liberal means being a progressive.
And being a progressive means being partisan. But the end goal isn't one-party
rule. It's the re-establishment of a truly vital, competitive democracy. For in
the end, democracy is what being liberal is all about...(Conscience of a Liberal)

The reason that Bush is so opposed to SCHIP, is the same reason he
was so determined to privatize Social Security, which is that they're both
programs that work. You have to understand, that is the point of view of
somebody who really wants to undo the New Deal -- and if possible -- I quote
Grover Norquist in the book -- get things back to the way they were before Teddy
Roosevelt and the "Socialists" came in. The worst thing is a government program
that actually does help people...(Buzzflash Interview )

Hmm...A government that "Helps people"...The conservative nightmare putting the lie to the conservative philosophy.



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