Monday, October 22, 2007

Masters of Illusion

The great illusionists of the Republican party are at it again...Well actually they never stopped. There are so many red herring being flung around at the Republican debate it was fishier than a cat food factory. All they seemed to talk about was how bad it was going to be when Hillary got to be President.

They are blaming her for bad Military morale and raising taxes and having the Federal Government actually concern itself with the health of its citizens. Of course it is the Republican war in Iraq and their massive incompetence which might have had some effect on lowering morale, or maybe firing every General who dares to question the latest stupid plan from men who never served.

And ask yourself what health insurance corporations care about your health? Suppose a cure for cancer were discovered this afternoon...They'd do everything in their power to destroy it, obviously. They'd be out of business if people got healthy. Same thing with preventing illness...Bad for business...Can't have it. Hillary must be stopped.

So what do they talk about in a debate? Do they have ideas? Something new to show us the way out of this mess they got us into?


"...what masters of deflection Republicans have become. A debate about whether to invade Iraq becomes a debate about whether Joe Wilson's undercover CIA wife hooked him up with a sweet junket overseas. A debate on stem cell research becomes a debate about whether Michael J. Fox exaggerates his symptoms. A debate about the right to privacy becomes a debate about whether Terri's blinks were voluntary. A debate on Iraq policy becomes a debate about how mean people are to General Petraeus. A debate about health care becomes a full-blown investigation into the lifestyles of 12 year old Graeme Frost and 2 year old Bethany Wilkerson. A debate about curbing global climate change becomes a debate about how many compact fluorescent light bulbs Al Gore has in his house. A debate about the shameful level of poverty in this country becomes a debate about how much money John Edwards spent on a haircut. A debate about who's qualified to be president becomes a debate about who does or does not wear a lapel pin. A debate about executive accountability becomes a debate about whether Representative Stark hurt Mr. Bush's feelings..."


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