Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Cope-ing with the weather

It's raining again...A nice soft spring rain. I have work to do today but this is exactly the type weather I like to walk in the woods. It seems like everything likes to move around in the rain. And the things that live in the woods don't seem to notice me as easily.

There's not much better entertainment in this world, than finding a comfy spot in the woods, deep woods not required...a corner lot will do, and sitting still as possible for twenty minutes or so. I sent a picture sometime back that looked like a bump on a limb. I have been hoping to get a better shot of the litle beast for you so you could see it. It is a gray tree frog, or to be more exact, a Copes Gray Treefrog. The only way I know to tell the difference is to hear them call. I'm headed outside for a few minutes to selfishly steal some pleasure from the world, but just so you can hear what I hear, I've enclosed a link that will show you the tree frogs and let you hear their calls for yourself.

Listen my children and you will hear.



The gray tree frog and Copes gray treefrog:


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  1. Tree everything right now, including tree frogs (thanks for the photos!) Most attractive -- and paranoid -- are the tree ducks who appear at this time of the year, moving from pond to pond. The dogs chase them off, more's the pity. They don't travel in pairs or in large groups but in threes -- go figure! Maybe their name was original "three duck."

    As I do every year, I double check Peterson to make sure I haven't gone crazy. But there they are, black-bellied tree ducks, well west of where they're supposed to be (except "occasionally").