Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Everyone has their heroes. Here is one of mine.

He took a three-star general to task in 2002 for prohibiting American soldiers in Germany from drinking beer.

He likened Iraq to the Vietnam "Quagmire".

Rumor has it that he ran a brothel for his unit ans smoked pot with them.

He took stupid and heroic risks to protect his own men, once landing his helicopter in the midst of battle, bullets flying and personally dragged his woulnded men to the helicopter, and when there was no more room on board for them, he put them on anyway and flew out holding on to the outside of the helicopter.

He was awarded eight purple hearts.

He hated pomposity and considered his greatest enemy to be Washington Beaureaucrats not his foes on the battlefields. The Military brass hated him for exposing their hypocrisies. Chief of Naval operations, Admiral Mike Boorda committed the very serious military offense of wearing medals he did not earn, he charged, and when this was substantiated, the Admiral committed suicide.

On a fact finding trip to Iraq, he noticed that an Army major had lousy body armour...My hero gave the major the armour he himself was wearing.

He railed at the United States paying a soldier in Iraq three times less for combat pay than was paid in World War Two, calling this a scandal.

I doubt if any high military officials will attend his funeral in Arlington National Cemetary, It is expected to be huge.

Colonel David Hackworth, a true warrior and American hero, founded Soldiers for the Truth. Why don't you spend some time there? Compare the letters to the ones George Bush read yesterday at his Memorial Service.

Soldiers for the Truth



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