Wednesday, May 11, 2005

the good guys?


We're winning!...

Aren't we?

American deaths broke the 1600 barrier on Sunday.

A disclaimer ought to be shown at the begining of any comment on the Iraq war:

"No actual Rich people were harmed in the making of this War!"

OK, how about this Interesting statistic:

Those people who make the top 2 tenths of 1 percent of income have made more money from the sale of stocks than all the rest of us combined.

Try these numbers for size:

Less than half of all Americans own any stock whatsoever.

That would be about 130,000,000.

Out of 130 million, 520 thousand have made more money than all the rest.

Since George Bush took office, nearly everybody has lost money in the stock market.

Nearly Everybody!!! Even the Super rich! But George gave them tax cuts roughly equal to the stock market losses.

We knew that George Bush was bad for the Middle Class and down...but if you aren't in the category of the "Super Rich" you're getting screwed!

I think it is time for a Progressive revolution.

And hey, Congratulations to anti war professional basketball player Steve Nash for being selected MVP. Let's hear it for short, skilled, hard working, thoughtful, principalled, point guards! A Miami sports writer had the gaul to say that Shaq lost the award because of racism. Danged old racism must have contributed to Shaq having his worst ever season statistically. Steve Nash shot better from the field (50%) than Shaq did from the foul line (47%) because of racism, there's no doubt about it.

Here's something else about Shaq...he is studying to be a cop. He has a permit to carry a weapon and has taken enough course work to be allowed to ride with the Baton Rouge Police, but Shaq had a little problem...seems he held a suspects head in the toilet and pounded on him a little. They quickly held an internal investigation to clear him but he doesn't ride with the police anymore.

Steve Nash doesn't think the Iraq war was a good idea. He get's attacked in the conservative press for that. I like to watch him play and I'll be pulling for Phoenix this year. I want the good guys to win.

Same as in Iraq...I want the good guys to win. Anybody have any idea who that would be?




  1. Treasure trove here for you today. Don't miss 'em. First a program on the theocrats, then a program on birds and... you wouldn't believe it!

  2. fer my money, sir, yer one of the good guys. i never fail to be elightend by yer ritins.