Thursday, May 05, 2005

Marching as to war

OK, so all I said was, Pretty much a majority of Americans, Democrats, Independants, and Republicans want us to just get out of Iraq. I never said anything about the oxymoronic belief by Republicans that the

President is doing a good job

but they nevertheless want him to end his stupid war that is getting

thousands of American troops killed and

tens of thousands of American troops injured, and

hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians killed, and

hundreds of billions of American dollars vaporized into the coffers of War profiteers, and

Trillions of dollars added to our national debt,

while he is doing this "Good Job"...OK, maybe I did..

Well then what I said was, "Maybe it's time for a Peace March?"...and lots of you, not just one or two, wrote to say, "Yeah! a Peace'll be fun, just a short one maybe...Memorial day is just around the corner."

OK, When and where? Ball's in your court. What do we need? Permits? Location? Ideas?

All I want to know is, "...and it's one, two three, What are we fighting for?"



Intelligent Design?

Fanatical Apathy...What he said!


The Commander has awakened for a few minutes. If only we could teach the Commander to use spellcheck:



  1. See, it's ideas like that (Peace March) that got the House all fired-up to pass The "REAL ID" Bill so they can keep better track of PeaceNiks and Bloggers with such radical ideas.

  2. Glad Commander Rapid shook off the dust for a bit. We need all the vigilance we can get.