Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I'm Free....

I think it might be time to start a protest march.

I went to a couple of them back in '68 and '69 but it was mostly just to meet girls. The girls went for the guy with the megaphone and the Viet Nam war kept going and another 50,000 Americans died on our way out of Viet Nam "With Honor".

...at least I tried.

The Washington Post has a new poll asking, "What are the top two things you would tell Geroge Bush?"

This is incredibly naive because President Bush wouldn't listen. If he can't even hear the questions folks are asking him in a Press conference, he will never hear any advice from out here in Reality World.

Did you watch it? The Press Conference, I mean? Somebody would ask a question and he would give an answer he had obviously rehearsed, but rarely was it the answer to that particular question. didn't matter. The TV showed his answer later that night but did not show the disconnect. The headline should have been,

"Moron inhabiting President's Body!"


"Adult Attention Deficit Disorder affecting that other Deficit!"

Instead, they spent time on Laura Bush claiming George committed a gay sex act with a horse and that her mother in law learned her early chilhood development tactics from Don Corleone.

So ask yourself what you would tell George Bush if you thought there was a snowball's chance in hell you could climb that chain link fence and survive the razor wire escaping the zone where they have all the "free speech" locked up with enough blood left to blurt out a question?

Can you hear the Family Feud guy shouting, "Survey Says!"?

...Here's a quick run down of the top two things by demographic group:


"Get out of Iraq!" and "You're doing a bad job!"


"Get out of Iraq!" and "Leave Social Security alone!"


"You're doing a good job!" and "Get out of Iraq!"

Well, I'll be Danged!!!

Folks, We have a concensus. We will leave for your own personal consideration the burning question of how in the world Republicans can come to the conclusion that George Bush is doing a good job if the Iraq war is so screwed up we should just "get out".

Anyway, since we have a concensus, all of us can pick a nice day and have a good old fashioned protest march. I can see it now:

Republicans, Independents, and Democrats marching together as one, around and around and around inside the chain link fence of the

"Free Speech Zone"...



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