Tuesday, May 24, 2005

People get ready

That's not a train that's coming!

A 15 year old young man in our area is a very good soccer player and has been invited to play on the United States National team in a recent trip to Europe. His team won and he made the comment that when they stood up to get their awards no one so much as clapped politely.


He said it was because the Europeans hated that Americans came over and won their tournament.

This young man is still a boy. Possibly idealistic, certainly a bit egotistical, but that can be forgiven in a star athlete of his youth. What he is not realizing is that he is not being disliked because he won a soccer tournament...The sad fact is:

The world just doesn't like America anymore!

They don't "Hate our Freedom." They just hate US!

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A string of car bombs and suicide attacks across Iraq killed at least 49 Iraqis and wounded more than 130 Monday, striking a Baghdad restaurant popular with police, a Shiite mosque and the home of a community leader near Mosul...

Q: [...]And if I may ask you, Mr. President, as you know, the casualties of Iraq is again high today -- 50 more people dying. Do you think that insurgence is getting harder now to defeat militarily? Thank you.

PRESIDENT BUSH: No, I don't think so. I think they're being defeated. And that's why they continue to fight.


Warning, America: Nothing unites like a common enemy. Bullies, throughout history, have been taken down time after time by the united underdogs.

Get Ready.




Oh my Gosh!!! The FundXtians got Tanks!!! Commander Rapid was right!

So here's my question for all you Cristians out there, Isn't writing "New Testament" on a cannon barrel sorta like blasphemy?

The only Christian thing to do is shoot 'em?

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