Friday, May 06, 2005


Many years ago my mom visited my house in South Carolina that I now call the cabin. She had last been there in winter, to see her first grandchild, and the trees had been bare, giving us a nice vista of the far ridge. This time it was late spring and the leaves had closed in around the big windows I built into the little house. The great room is essentially glass on three sides, but she still looked at me and said, "All those trees give me claustrophobia."...

This from a woman with curtains and shades on the only windows in her kitchen/den/diningroom/whatever. She's got claustrophobia because she looks out the walls of my glass house and literally can't see the forest for the trees, but she would be perfectly happy in a room with no window whatsoever?


This morning, in the greenest state in the land of the free, I can't see all of the ridge across the gorge because the leaves have popped. Long views of the eagles commuting to work are being replaced by momentary glimpses...but there's a trade off I'm willing to make. The trees have gone from being bare branches to being active communities. This morning we have indigo buntings and rose breasted grossbeaks moving through the canopy at eye level to the kitchen table.

If this is what claustrophobia is like...I can deal with it.




Hey, Harold! If you want to make your case to be Senator from Tennessee, you might oughta show up and vote on the really big bills that pop up, now and again...You know, like the BUDGET BILL that only passed by THREE votes???

“If we had all our members there, we would have been able to put a few more of their guys on the griddle,” said House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.)....

While his House colleagues were waiting for the crack of the gavel to signal final passage, Ford, who is mulling a Senate bid, was back in western Tennessee, outside of his district, at the annual Coon Supper, a big political fest hosted by the Tennessee Speaker of the House.

“I was not there because of a previous commitment to be in Tennessee,” Ford said in a statement. Zac Wright, Ford’s spokesman, said he did not know if the congressman had alerted the whip’s office that he would miss the vote.


From our "Well, Duh!!" Department:

"We've also got the baby boom generation coming along. Those people born in 1946 and after. President Bush was born in 1946. He's part of the problem."

These words of wisdom are from our resident evil himself, Dick Cheney.

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  1. Three items from west Texas.

    I'm homesick after reading your description but also laughing because I used to feel the same way about being closed in by trees. Then I visited a friend whose house is on a stream in the woods (hardwood, good understory)in the middle of New Jersey (and not even traffic sound!) and was so enchanted it changed me. I grew up with majestic long views as part of the childhood experience. Now I live in place which has a series of views out about 20 miles but with big live oaks punctuating the landscape. Their shade is greatly appreciated when the heat sets in.

    I noticed Ford's name on that list along with Lloyd Doggett who used to be my representative. Doggett is a great guy. I trust him. I think of Ford as being a good guy too (am I wrong? thinking of someone else?). So I wonder what they know that we don't know...

    The Harper's articles on the Christian Right -- hope you picked up a copy -- are getting a lot of attention online. That's a good sign, isn't it?

    Peace. Good luck if you can get it, domestically, nationally, and internationally. Or maybe I'm just a little sour because the peace of this household has been disturbed regularly today. The dogs have discovered that jackrabbits like the tender grass near the house and the porcupine has moved with family into a brush pile formed by a dead oak and a lot of prickly lime ash not far enough from the house. Every time I get my concentration level to a nice useful high, the dogs suddenly awaken from deep naps and go ballistic.