Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Make me feel better

Well, back to our screwed up world.

We are seeing a repeat of the Bush National Guard scandal played out in the jihad directed at Newsweek, for reporting a statement by an American military officer who stated that Americans hd desecrated the Koran in the Guantanamo chain link and razor wire resort for Middle Easterners who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Do you remember that the Bush Administration has yet to present any evidence before any judicial body that any of the prisoners, they are "prisoners" by the way not "detainees", has committed any kind of international crime whatsoever? Held without trial...all of them.

Some of them turned out to be citizens of countries that are allies of the United States, like Great Brittain. The Bushistas had to release them in order to prevent an international incident. They told horror stories about what American soldiers did to them. Humiliation and torture of every conceivable type was committed by Americans.

Not all of us believe that this is the "Truth , Justice, and the American Way" of our upbringing.

Out of those few released "detainees" came the story of American desecration of the Koran. It did not originate with Newsweek.

There were riots in Afghanistan last week that Scott McClellan and hundreds of right wing goons have attributed and blamed on the Newsweek article. People were killed in the riots, but what did the American officials in the area blame the riots on?

Americans being in the area!

I say that this is much of the problem in Iraq. Every day we hear of more suicide bombers...Guess who they are? Iraqis? Well about 10% of them are...The overwhelming majority of the suicide bombers are.....


Just so you'll remember what Saudis look like, here is a picture of a Saudi Prince holding hands with an American President.

I do not have a peaceful easy feeling about all this!

I would feel better if I thought American troops were not dying to protect the Iraqi Jordanian oil pipeline, and instead were trying to get Osama Bin Laden. Remember him? The 9-11 guy? A Saudi like most of the other 19 hijackers?

I would feel better if our President did not have business connections to Salem Bin Laden, Osama's deceased brother.

I would feel better if someone in the Bush administration, anyone, would tell us the truth, just once...the straight simple truth...about what the hell we are doing in Iraq and how in the hell we are going to get out.

And actually, I would really feel better if we would just pack up and come home. The greatest obstacle to peace in Iraq and Afghanistan is the presence of American troops.

I would feel a lot better if my countrymen and women were not sitting ducks!

Bring them home!

We will all feel better!



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