Sunday, July 17, 2005


Maybe this isn't a good time to point out that you can click on the image to make it large, but you can!

See the boyfriend at the top left? This spider is so large that other species of spiders make their webs inside this one. I counted three different species. Tough place for your condo!


  1. She's quite a beauty. Looks like (has the same shape as) the argiopes who take over my yard this time of year.

  2. I don't remember the scientific name that Hector gave us but the shape of the body, the web, and the poor, destined to be a sperm donor and a meal, male lead me to think they are defintiesly related. The small remains of a recent meal you can see in the lower portion of the picture are of a cicada. The mainstays of this girl's web look more like fly fishing line than spiderweb. She weaves a three D web and only the center is sticky. Rumor has it she eats the small bats and birds...I was impressed at how fast she made a full sized cicada disappear.

  3. They are breathtaking. Better than a bird blog!

  4. What is it about spiders? What is is about human age and spiders? Leaving aside people who were biologists from the moment they exited the womb, most children hate/fear spiders, young wives shriek at the husbands to "do something about it," it being the teensy moving black spot on the baseboard. Only when one is mature does one seem to accept them as friends and allies. Not so long ago, I stumbled on a lazy tarantula, literally nudging him with a naked toe quite inadvertently. Did I shriek? No. Like a Buddhist monk, my first instinct was to bend over and apologize. I must be getting really old.

    Maybe we should set up a joint photo album called "friends and neighbors."

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