Friday, July 15, 2005

Costa Rica

Rio Pacuare...Aboriginal Thomas

The creek that ran through the lodge on the Pacuare River cuts through some very interesting mineral deposits as it carves its way down the lush mountain side. Hector, one of our guides, is very knowlegeable about the natural history of the area. He and his wife gather mud from these deposits and process it at their home, put it in jars, and sell it to the spas. When he started rubbing "mud" on his body we were surprised...then we did it too and Wow! It really did make our skin feel really soft and smooth. None of us, including the girls, have ever found anything like it. Absolutely no grease or oil...amazing.

Thomas is the Blue Boy.

This is the creek where it joins the river. Joe has turned back to his natural color.

This is the Jesus Christ lizard. So called because it lives beside the water and can run over the water's surface without sinking, to escape predators. Long toes on the rear feet and high speed legwork do the trick.

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