Thursday, July 28, 2005


It's a lazy day, so here:

I was asked for a list of some Liberal Tennessee bloggers. I sent a few that I knew of and then said this:

It is a lot harder to be a Progressive blogger than a conservative one.

We tend to think and they don't.

We tend to tell the truth and they don't. (Though I got called a liar just recently)

They tend to back up anything they spout off...and we do.

We have to be fair...and they don't.

We tend to have jobs and functional families...and they don't.

They get to call names...etc.

It's a big challenge, and we do it for nothing except a personal need to see the truth out there somewhere.

Now if only we could figure out some way to make money at this????

Josh Marshall asks a perfectly rational question about the Whitehouse refusal to release documents relating to their Supreme Court nominee:

"...I'm wondering what the argument is, precisely, for the White House having access to any more information in the process of nominating Roberts than the Senate should have in confirming him.
It seems like a basic point of logic. Why should the senate's call be, by definition, less well-informed than the president's?"


The General speaks for all of us:

Karen Johnson
Infrastructure Solutions

Dear Ms Johnson,

There are rumors floating around the internet that you are Karl Rove's concubine. Is it true? I sure hope so.

There's nothing wrong with serving as his concubine. It's a position steeped in ancient biblical tradition. Mr. Rove, the deliverer of elections and master of the Christian base, deserves a stable of mistresses just as David, the slayer of Goliath and king of God's chosen people, had his own harem of concubines.

OK, well I'm not goin to post the rest of this one...You hafta read it for yourself, but as a warning, don't do it while eating.


Other wit from the General:



  1. Josh Marshall (I saw that post too) is baying at the moon. When we stop expecting logic from this administration and start treating them like the exemplars of criminal insanity they are, we'll start to get America back.

  2. PW,

    I read this TPM post differently. I think Josh is assailig the logic this administration is using to suppress Roberts body of work. Bush says, "Trust me," and Josh says, "Why, no! I don't trust you!"

  3. What I was reacting to was seeing in Josh Marshall that refrain of "oh gosh, how could they!" when this gang of thieves has been doing it over and over again since 2000. And since before that. So I guess what you're reading is my frustration that the opposition's "wondering what the argument is" has to do with the passivity of the reaction. (Am I clear here? Got about four hours of sleep last night, operating on barely charged batteries!)