Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday...It's a bird!

It's Friday...In honor of South Knox Bubba, here is the fabled "Bird in the Hand" everyone is always talking about:

Thomas took care of catching all of these that got into our room in the Mountain lodge in Costa Rica. First light was very noisy with allthe swallow chirping. This one seems ot be some kind of sparrow.

The iguanas of the Parque del Manuel Antonio seemd to come in several different colors, depending on where they were found. They came in several different sizes too, but mostly big and bigger.

I haven't been able to follow the Rovian follies all that close but I do have this though to share. Rove will go to jail, or he will receive a Presidential Pardon. The timing of the pardon will be critical. If Rove has to be pardeoned before the 06 elections. Bush could lose the House of Representatives and face impeachment with a Democratic majority. Long odds, but well within the realm of possible outcomes.

This blog has received some interesting comments of late, including a certain amount of conservative talking point repitition. That's fine by me! Ideas may be shared and shot at in the comments section. On some political blogs, I learn more form the comments than the original piece. That's what Free speech is all about. Share your ideas with me, whenever you feel like it.



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