Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I'm still stunned at South Knox Bubba's closing down his blog site! Here's hoping he's just needs a well deserved break and will rejoin us when his batteries get recharged. It's a long story but the evil force seems to emanate from the Metro Pulse owner, Brian Conley, so I have started my own little protest. Everytime I pass a MP rack, I pick one up and deposit it in a comvenient trach receptacle. (If only we had better recycling in our area.)

Peace, Bubba! Maybe you'll have some more time, now. If you ever want to do some creek snorkling, come on out to Roane County. (Scotch in the cabinet...)

It's a travel day for me. Charlie, as usual, nails it:

Let's keep our eye on the prize, though:


  1. It is truly amazing to me that liberals have nothing to do right now other than try to make a criminal out of Karl Rove and criticize John Roberts as being "beholden" to the President. Honestly, and I do not ask this just to be inciteful, but what does this say about the state of the Democratic party?

  2. Anonymous2:40 PM

    To Cole:

    No one has to "make" Karl Rove a criminal. He took care of that himself.

    How would you describe Robert's position with the Bush adminisration?

    One more thing..........why are you so accepting of lies? Do you ever think for yourself............of do you just listen to Sean and Rush?

  3. All right, folks. Now this is what I want to see in the comment section. Someone like Cole, repeating republican astroturf rather than thinking for himself, and some one esle pointing out that Cole needs to think for himself.

    By the way,Cole, I am a Progressive, which is a bit more complicated than you might understand. It tends to include folks who feel a sense of obligation and duty to others...a difficult concept for Republicans, apparently.

  4. Cole: The Democratic Party, still in thrall to the DLC, stinks. It's so bad I left it! Like Steve, I'm a progressive.

    But as for the Democrats still have a long way to go before becoming as corrupt and venal as the Republican Party. The Republican Party right now is assisting in a wide range of criminality and it won't be forgotten by many of us -- nor by the history books. It is, after all, the party in charge of both Congress and the White House, accountable for what its members and leaders are doing, for thousands of deaths, and for all the lies which caused them. If I were you, I'd want to think twice before aligning myself with them!

  5. PW, I have very high hopes for what Howard Dean will be able to do with the Dems. Every time I listen to him, he makes more and more sense. His biggest obstacle is still the old guard in the Democratic Party but they seen to be gradually getting on board or moving aside.