Monday, July 25, 2005

Why we go to Family reunions

Yes, Virginia, there is a reason why we go to reunions to see our most and least favorite relatives and inlaws. Semi organized mayhem, there is the guarantee that someone will be quite displeased with some aspect of the accomodations or food or lack of a golf course, but I'm pretty lucky in this respect, my situation is heavy on the "most" favorite side. There's no one to avoid amongst my inlaws...unless it's me?

But the real reason we go to these things is this:



And then they become men...

Hayley and her Gramma Bette

Aunt Lois

That's "Ahhnt" Lois...The Grand Dame, currently. The holder of this exalted title changes over the years. Aunt Lois is hanging in there fairly well, for now.

And only one Bush supporter in the whole inlaw reuinion crowd. Amazing!



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